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Auto Service Center

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Our workshop has all the tools and equipment to help you keep your car running smoothly. Our skilled auto technicians can assist if you get stuck along the way. We also offer full-service auto repair for those less mechanically inclined.

Check out the menus below for self- and full-service pricing.

Item Price
Brake Cleaner $5 per can
WD-40/PB Blaster 50¢
Sand Paper/Emery Cloth 50¢
Plastic Zip Tie 50¢
Cut-off Wheel/Scotch Bright $1
3M Surface Cleaning Disc $2
Engine Oil (conventional) $3.75/qt.
Engine Oil (synthetic) $8.50/qt.
Hose Clamp $1
Exhaust Clamp $2
75/40 Gear Lube $9.75/qt.
Chassis Grease 50¢
Self Service Menu
Service Price
Wheel Balancing $10 per tire
Bead Blasting Cabinet $7 per half hour
Tire Mount/Demount $8 per tire
Shop Use $6 per hour
Auto Work Bay $8 per hour
Auto Lift Bay $10 per hour
Auto Storage (inside) $10 per day
Auto Storage (outside) $8 per day
Parts Storage $3 per day
Coin Operated Car Wash $1 per 5 minutes
Vacuum Cleaner 50¢ per use
Wash Bay Towels $1 per use
Steam Cleaning (Vehicles) $10 per vehicle
Steam Cleaning (Parts) $8 per item
Engine Lift $25
Hydraulic Press $10 per item
Computer Code Check $30
Welding $10 per hour
Supply Charge $3 per transaction
Full Service Menu
Service Price
Lockout/Jumpstart/Tire Change Service $25
Labor Rate $90 per hour
Standard Oil Change $37
Full Service Oil Change $50
Oil Change & Inspection
(labor only, customer provides oil & filter)
Transmission Flush $125 + oil & additive
Coolant Flush $125 + parts & fluid
Alignment $100
Car-Side Tire Repair $40 per tire
Tire Repair $20 per tire
Tire Mount/Demount $20 per tire
Wheel Balancing $20 per wheel
Tire Change $8 per tire
Rotate & Balance 4 Tires $80
Tire Rotation w/o Monitors $30
Tire Rotation w/ Monitors $50
Air Conditioning Performance Test $42.50
Refrigerant Recovery $42.50
Refrigerant Recovery & Recharge $42.50 + R134 refrigerant @ $20/lb.
Starter & Alternator Diagnostic $42.50
Battery Recharge $15
Computer Code Search $25
Computer Performance  Diagnostic $50 for up to 30 min., $90 per additional hour
Welding $90/hour
Rotor/Drum Turning $30 per item
Supply Charge $3 per transaction
Jumpstart Service

Only $25!

Jump-start, lock-out and tire change service is available during normal Auto Skills Shop hours.

24 Hour Car Wash & Detailing Service

Coin operated car wash available 24 hours/day, 5 minutes for $1.

We also offer full service detailing.  Visit: to schedule an appointment.

Patronage Eligibility

You are eligible to patronize the RIA Auto Skills Shop if you are:

  • Active duty military or a family member.
  • Member of the Reserve Component or a family member , which includes Ready Reserve, National Guard and ROTC cadet.
  • Delayed Entry recruit.
  • Retired military or a family member.
  • Veteran with 100% service-connected disability, honorably discharged.
  • DOD APF/NAF civilian employee, retired DOD civilian or a family member.
  • DOD contract personnel or technical representative who works full time on the installation.
  • Non-DOD federal employee working on the installation.
  • From any other category identified in Army Regulation 215-1, (contact the office for clarification).

Family members are established as in accordance with Army Regulation 640-2 as being a lawful spouse…children under the age of 21 and unmarried…children over the age of 21 to the age of 23 who are enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning as long as they remain unmarried and dependent upon the sponsor for over 50% of their support.

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