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RIA-WEB-leisure travel.jpgWe offer substantial discounts on tickets to local attractions, concerts, amusement parks and regional bus trips to exciting destinations. Check with us first for all your entertainment needs, we can save you money!

Movie Tickets

Regal Moline

Purchase a gift card for $28 that is redeemable for 2 adult movie tickets and $10 at the concession stand. Discounted single movie tickets can also be purchased for $10.

Rave Cinemas Davenport 53 + IMAX

Purchase discount tickets for $10 that are redeemable anytime with no restrictions or expiration.  Save money with the concessionaire pack which includes a small popcorn and small soda for $8.

Local Events

We've got the tickets to the shows you want to see at these great local venues at discount prices. Check with us first!

TaxSlayer Center (Moline, IL)

Make sure to check the Featured Events listings at the bottom of this page for all current ticket offerings.

Bus/Van Trips


Take a one-day trip on a deluxe motor coach on one of Leisure Travel’s out of town trips. We regularly schedule trips to Cubs’ games, downtown Chicago for shopping, festivals and sightseeing, Chicago theater productions, theme parks and more.

Where would you like to go?  Email us at to submit ideas for Leisure Travel’s next bus trip!
Bus Trip Rules:
Purpose:  To establish guidelines for all participants of the MWR LTO bus trips. These guidelines will ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on board.
Scope: These guidelines/rules apply to all participants on the MWR LTO bus trips.
    1. To assure prompt arrival time to the scheduled event, the bus will leave at the pre-announced scheduled time. Participants are required to be at the designated boarding site 15 minutes prior to departure time. A courtesy call will be made to all participants one week prior to the scheduled event informing them of the departure time and place. Participants must be on time.
    2. There will be one 15-minute stop on the way to the destination and one 15-minute stop on the way back (to be determined by the MWR representative on the bus).
    3. All participants will be allowed one small cooler which should fit under the seat. If a participant shows up with a large cooler, they will be asked to return it to their vehicle prior to departure.
    4. Limited amount of alcohol will be allowed on the bus. No glass containers will be allowed, all coolers will be inspected. *Note: This only only applies to our bus trips. NO alcohol will be allowed on our van trips. 
    5. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times on the bus.
    6. Participants are required to remain seated, unless to use the restroom.
    7. Participants are asked to refrain from loud, obscene, or offensive language. The MWR LTO bus trips are family-oriented and participants must consider others on the bus.
    8. Absolutely no fighting or rough-housing is allowed.
    9. Violations to these rules will result in being restricted from participating in future MWR bus trips

The MWR representative has the right to remove at anytime anyone who has become belligerent, abusive, or intoxicated. If a participant is asked to disembark from the bus, that person will have to arrange return transportation at his or her own expense. 

Amusement Park & Attraction Tickets

Shop Leisure Travel for your discount amusement park and attraction tickets. Get great rates for Six Flags, Disney World, Sea World, Medieval Times and much more!

Chicago City Pass: Check link for specific attraction info & then book your discount passes at Leisure Travel: $98.00 Child (3 – 11) $80.00

Medieval Times (Schaumburg, IL and Kissimmee, FL)

Adventureland, Des Moines, IA (Available seasonally - Ticket prices available in April/May)

Lost Island Waterpark, Waterloo, IA (Available seasonally - Ticket prices available in April/May)

City Passes 

Universal Studios - Orland and Hollywood

Disneyland California

Walt Disney World Orlando




Please call +1(309)782-5890 to inquire about prices and other tickets. 

Travel Deals

Get deals on hotels, rental cars, flights, travel packages, and cruises. Go to American Forces Travel for more information and bookings. 

Choice Hotels Offer 15% savings to Military members who join their membership program. DoD Civilians are eligible for this 15% discount as well but, not the membership program. Click here for details.


Patronage Eligibility

You are eligible to patronize the RIA Leisure Travel Office if you are:

  • Active duty military or a family member.
  • Member of the Reserve Component or a family member , which includes Ready Reserve, National Guard and ROTC cadet.
  • Delayed Entry recruit.
  • Retired military or a family member.
  • Veteran with 100% service-connected disability, honorably discharged.
  • DOD APF/NAF civilian employee, retired DOD civilian or a family member.
  • DOD contract personnel or technical representative who works full time on the installation.
  • Non-DOD federal employee working on the installation.
  • From any other category identified in Army Regulation 215-1, (contact the office for clarification).

Family members are established as in accordance with Army Regulation 640-2 as being a lawful spouse…children under the age of 21 and unmarried…children over the age of 21 to the age of 23 who are enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning as long as they remain unmarried and dependent upon the sponsor for over 50% of their support.

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