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Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation is your one-stop rental shop for all your outdoor adventures, special events, home maintenance and repair. No matter the season, we have the equipment to get you out into the great outdoors. From skis and snowboards to campers and canoes, we have you covered. 

Looking for fishing access from Rock Island Arsenal?  Check out the map for approved fishing areas. 


Rental Pricing

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Special Event Equipment
Boats & Equipment
Sports Equipment
Alpine (Downhill) Ski Equipment
Nordic (Cross Country) Ski Equipment
Snowboard Equipment
Ice Skates
Miscellaneous Winter Equipment
Winter Equipment Services
Miscellaneous Equipment


Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Adult Bikes $20 $25

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Special Event Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Party Canopy (20' x 20') $85 $95
Party Canopy (20' x 30') $105 $115
White Canopy (20' x 30') $250 $300
Large Charcoal Grill $25 $40
Folding Table $5 $8
Folding Chair $1 $2
Folding Picnic Table $10 $15
keg Tub $10 $12
Inflatable Bouncer $125 $150

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Boats & Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Canoe $25 $40
Touring Kayak $30 $45
Two Person Kayak $25 $40
Canoe/Kayak Trailer $30 $50
Fishing Pole $2 $3

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Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Cargo Trailer (small) $50 $75
Cargo Trailer (medium) $55 $85
Flatbed Trailer (6'x12') $60 $90
Bumper Hitch $5 $10

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Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
A-Liner Camper $75 $150
Little Guy Camper $50 $100
Backpack $5 $10
Cooler (Small) $3 $5
Cooler (Large) $4 $6
Folding Cot $2 $4
Sleeping Bag $3 $5
Sleeping Pad $1 $3
Stove $2 $3
Tent (3-person) $5 $10
Tent (5-person) $6 $12

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Sports Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Croquet Set $3 $4
Horseshoe Set $4 $6
Volleyball Set $4 $8
Volleyball $1 $2
Golf Travel Case $2 $4
Tug-of-War Rope $2 $4
Warphole Game $10 $20
Bag Toss Game $5 $10

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Alpine (Downhill) Ski Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Ski Package (Shaped Skis, Boots & Poles) $25 $30
Skis $15 $20
Boots $15 $20

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Nordic (Cross Country) Ski Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Ski Package (Skis, Boots & Poles) $25 $30
Skis Only $15 $20
Boots Only $15 $20
Poles Only $5 $10

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Snowboard Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Snowboard Package (Snowboard & Boots) $25 $30
Snowboard Only $15 $20
Boots Only $15 $20

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 Ice Skates

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Figure Skates $2 $5
Hockey Skates $2 $5

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Miscellaneous Winter Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Blade Skis $15 $25
Snowshoes $5 $10
Ice Auger $3 $6
Ski Travel Case $1 $3

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Winter Equipment Services

Service Price
Ice Skate Sharpening $5/Pair
Ski/Snowboard Waxing $15/Pair
Ski/Snowboard Edging $15/Pair

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Miscellaneous Equipment

Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
Linoleum Roller $10 $20
Carpet Knee Kicker $7 $14
Carpet Dryer $10 $20
Cement Mixer $25 $50
Hand Truck/Dolly $5 $10
Wet Tile Saw $12 $24
Lawn Roller $20 $40
Lawn Spreader $3 $6
Drywall Hoist $25 $40
Popcorn Machine $30 $40
Snow Cone Machine $30 $40

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Equipment Rental Policy

Daily User Fees: The daily user rate applies each day for equipment checked out on Monday through Thursday. One business day is defined as opening of business until 30 minutes prior to closing the following day. Same day rentals will incur a full daily rental fee.

Weekend User Fees: Check out is on Friday, and items must be returned the following Monday (unless otherwise noted). 

Weekly User Fees: For weekly rentals, equipment can be checked out on Friday and must be returned on the second following Monday.

Late Return User Fees: Patrons will be charged the daily user fee for each piece of equipment for each day that the equipment is returned late.

Cleaning of Equipment: All equipment will be cleaned by the patron prior to returning it to the Equipment Checkout Center. Patrons will be charged a daily rental fee for all equipment returned unclean.

Payment: All user fees will be paid by the patron at the time equipment is checked out. If applicable, patrons will pay late fees and/or cleaning fees upon return of equipment.

Note: Check-in/check-out concludes at 3:45pm. 

Damaged or Lost Equipment: If equipment is lost or damaged, the patron may be held liable for the cost of repairs, including parts and labor.

Repair of Equipment: The patron is not authorized to repair or have equipment repaired unless prior approval is granted by the equipment center manager.

Equipment Involved in an Accident: If equipment is involved in an accident, the patron must obtain a accident report and contact the equipment checkout center within 24 hours.

Cargo, Canoe and Camper Trailers: It is recommended that the patron contact their insurance company and verify that their auto insurance policy covers their liability in using a trailer from the Equipment Checkout Center. It is the patron’s responsibility to ensure that they have the required sized trailer ball, proper hitch ball height, proper tail light connection and that their tow vehicle is capable of towing the size trailer they will be checking out. It is recommended that patron’s bring their tow vehicle to the Equipment Checkout Center prior to the day of checking out a trailer to ensure that their hitch ball, hitch ball height and tail light connections work properly. For the patron’s safety, failure to have the proper size hitch ball, hitch ball height and/or working tail light connection will result in the denial of the patron’s use of a trailer from the Equipment Checkout Center.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Training Requirement: Before renting one of our canoes or kayaks. You must show proof of completion of a Boater Safety Course or completion of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources online abbreviated safety course for canoes and kayaks.  We will keep a copy on file here at Outdoor Recreation.  This is required for everyone that will be in or using the canoe or kayak.  This includes children who will be paddling or holding a paddle. You are required to have a copy in your possession when operating these canoes or kayaks.  Take the free online abbreviated course at: (takes about 20 minutes) Click on the link for “Canoes & Kayaks”. View the videos and take the test. Print your certificate. Sign your certificate, write your date of birth and driver’s license number on your certificate.

RV Lot Storage

Outside vehicle storage is offered in a secured access controlled lot. Patrons can store campers, boats, and personally owned vehicles. Patrons must show proof of ownership, proof of current state registration, proof of current insurance and maintain a drip pain under their motor vehicle. Owners are liable for all liquids and greases that drip from their vehicle. Owners who fail to pay their monthly fee by the 5th working day of each month or abandon their vehicle will be liable for late fees and risk having their vehicles towed by an off-Island contractor.  All outstanding fees, towing charges, and storage charges from the towing contractor are the responsibility of the owner. 

Storage Rate
RV/Vehicle Storage 20< $30/month
RV/Vehicle Storage 21> $35/month


Indoor Storage Facility

MWR has 40 self-storage units available for rent

  • 10 x 15 feet, $85 per month
  • Units are physically located on RIA, off Hillman St.
  • Each unit has its own entrance
  • Easy access, secure and convenient
  • Renter will provide their own lock

Sorry, no phone reservations are being accepted. You must sign a contract and pay rental fees in-person at Outdoor Rec, Bldg 333, to be guaranteed a unit.

For questions, call Outdoor Recreation at +1 (309)782-8630.

Pavilion Rentals

Need a place to hold your family reunion, graduation party, company picnic or other outdoor event?  Check out the pavilion at Memorial Field! Call +1 (309)782-5890 for more info and to reserve.

Pavilion Rental Agreement


Memorial Park Pavilion

Seating Capacity: 304 under shelter

Electricity: Yes

Outlets: 12

Running Water: Yes

Bathrooms: Yes

Tables: 40

Available: April through November

Emergency Phone: Yes


Paths Across America

The Army and other DOD Service Departments operate camp grounds and RV sites throughout the U.S. on military installations and recreation areas. The Army provides these to promote outdoor recreation and travel opportunities to authorized users. The parks offer various amenities, from gravel pads to paved pads with water, electric, sewage disposal, cable TV and telephone access. Professional staffs or hosts are on hand to welcome and help you enjoy your stay. Many RV parks and campgrounds offer programs that enable you to take advantage of local Family and MWR activities and area attractions.

Patronage Eligibility

You are eligible to patronize Outdoor Recreation if you are:

  • Active duty military or a family member.
  • Member of the Reserve Component or a family member , which includes Ready Reserve, National Guard and ROTC cadet.
  • Delayed Entry recruit.
  • Retired military or a family member.
  • Veteran with 100% service-connected disability, honorably discharged.
  • DOD APF/NAF civilian employee, retired DOD civilian or a family member.
  • DOD contract personnel or technical representative who works full time on the installation.
  • Non-DOD federal employee working on the installation.
  • From any other category identified in Army Regulation 215-1, (contact the office for clarification).

Family members are established as in accordance with Army Regulation 640-2 as being a lawful spouse…children under the age of 21 and unmarried…children over the age of 21 to the age of 23 who are enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning as long as they remain unmarried and dependent upon the sponsor for over 50% of their support.

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