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Youth Sports

NEW!  General Public now eligible to participate in addition to military, civilian, veteran, and contractor families, so tell your family and friends! All offerings held on the Rock Island Arsenal. Gate access available. Call CYS Parent Central Services at (309) 782-0791 or stop in to the office in Building 110, 1st floor, to sign up or for more information. Each child must be registered with CYS in order to participate unless otherwise noted. Sports physicals required.

Current Sport Offerings:

Outdoor Soccer League (ages 5-14)
Registration: Sign up by August 1
Practice starts the week of August 14. Weekday games start August 26 for 6-7 weeks.

"Flag Football League (ages 5-14)*
Registration: Sign up by August 1
Practice starts the week of August 14. Weekday games start August 26 for 6-7 weeks. *Divisions are based on age

Running/Jogging/Fitness Training (ages 7-11)
Registration: Sign up by August 4
Tuesday & Thursday evenings August 8-31

"Little Kickers" Parent/Child Soccer (ages 3-5)
Registration: Sign up by August 7 
Thursday early evenings August 10 for 6 weeks.

"Little Pros" Parent/Child Golf (ages 3-5)
Registration: Sign up by August 7
Thursday early evenings starting August 10 for 6 weeks.

Archery (ages 8-17)
Registration: Sign up by August 4
Tuesday & Thursday evenings August 8 through September 12

Golf (2 classes) ages 6-11 and ages 12-17
Registration: Sign up by August 4 
Monday & Wednesday early evenings - August 7-13

Youth Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness Programs provide team sports, individual sports, fitness and health programs and, programming at Child Development Centers, School Age and Youth Programs. Pre-registration is required for Sports and Fitness Programs. Children and youth that are currently registered in CYS can be enrolled in Sports and Fitness using WebTrac.

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has a website for evaluation of coaches. Parents have the opportunity to evaluate coaches on the NAYS website. Parents must have the coach member number to rate their coach. You can get this number from the CYS Sports and Fitness office. 

Sports Physical

A sports-specific physical must be completed annually, prior to the start of the sports season. The form must be completed with a doctor’s signature and stamp, then submitted to Parent Central Services during registration. Hint: The best time to get your child’s physical — if possible — is in July. This way, your child’s physical will be valid for all sports for one full year.

Sports' Physical

Volunteers & Coaches

CYS  Volunteers

Parent volunteers are a very important resource for CYS. Registered children/youth benefit immensely from the knowledge and skill that volunteers provide to our programs. We're looking for enthusiastic people who want to help out — sharing their talents assisting and leading various activities such as reading to children, participating in field trips, making games, repairing toys, sewing with kids, etc.

Start by becoming a registered volunteer through Army Community Service's (ACS) Go-Volunteer to find out where your talents can be best used within CYS. By keeping track of your volunteer hours, you can qualify for Parent Participation Points.

Volunteer Coaching

Did you play sports in high school or college? Have you always wanted to coach football, soccer or basketball? Are you a cheerleader at heart? Even if you have never played or coached a sport before, you can still become a certified volunteer coach! CYS Volunteer Coaches encourage all children to explore the world of sports, learn the fundamentals of good sportsmanship and have fun at the same time. 

Contact CYS Sports and Fitness to begin. 

Coaches Discount:

Head coaches and assistant coaches can receive discounts. Parent Central Services will calculate discounts offered to each coach.

Coaching Requirements:

  • Required CPR/First Aid and instructional training is provided by CYS prior to the beginning of the season
  • Background checks must be cleared on all coaches prior to team assignment
  • Coaches must attend one of the coaches clinics to review the rules and coaching policies and become certified through the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

Coaches Discount cont.:

Volunteer Head Coaches receive all his/her children’s Youth Sports and Fitness activities free during the season he/she coaches.

Volunteer Assistant Coaches receive his/her first child’s Youth Sports and Fitness activity free and for each additional child a 15% discount is applied during the season he/she coaches.  

Volunteer Coach Application

Would you like to be a volunteer coach?  

Please contact the Sports and Fitness Director at +1 (309)782-6793.  You will be contacted within 24 - 48 business hours to learn more and begin the process. Thank you for your interest in CYS Sports and Fitness!


We are happy to welcome you and your youth into our sports & fitness program.  The experience of your youth can be enhanced through a strong parent/staff partnership.

The Youth Sports Program strives to:
-Develop the overall well-being of young people, particularly the mind and body.
-Provides opportunity for recreational pleasure, physical development, and good sportsmanship.
-Team sports compete on Rock Island Arsenal Island and/or in Quad City youth leagues.
-Teams are formed based on the number of participants and the age of the youth.

Examples of sports CYS offers (co-ed) throughout the year::
Winter - Basketball and Cheerleading
Spring - Baseball, Softball and Cross Country
Fall - Soccer, Flag Football, Cross Country and Cheerleading

Start Smart:
A program of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), Start Smart teaches children ages 3-5 the basic motor skills necessary to play organized sports while parents/guardians work alongside the child each session.  The program focuses on teaching children basic sports mechanics without the threat of competition of the fear of getting hurt.  Start Smart sessions are held throughout the week, and each exercise becomes increasingly more difficult as the class progresses.

Triple Play:
A game plan for mind, body and soul is a dynamic new Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) initiative that demonstrates how eating right, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle for club members.  Club is designed for ages 6-12 and 13-18 yrs old.

Sports Club:  Is a Teen leadership group in BGCA that promotes physical fitness, self-esteem, volunteer opportunities, and improved ability to interact positively with peers.  Sports club consists of both male and female ages 13 and older.  Members meet on a regular basis to learn about issues related to sports, fitness, social recreation, and nutrition.

Dress Policy:
Youth participating in our sports and fitness programs will be required to wear appropriate attire for the sport they are enrolled in.

Disciplinary Policy:
Youth Sports and Fitness staff will discipline in a consistent manner based on an understanding of individual behaviors of youth.  Any major discipline action is based on receiving a technical foul, yellow or red card, fighting, disrespecting coach/staff/officials, or being ejected from a game. 

1st Strike- Sit out for a half
2nd Strike- Game suspension
3rd Strike- Action will be determined by Sports Committee and the Youth Sports and Fitness Director.  

Suspension Policy:
Parents will be asked to remove their youth if the youth becomes unruly, uncontrollable, or if his/her conduct is such that it interferes with or harms other youth (fighting) and does not respond to Coach/Youth Sports and Fitness Staff. 
a. Youth will be counseled and the parent will be notified immediately concerning uncontrollable or any incident resulting in injury, disrespecting a coach, staff, or player. 
b. In the event of suspension, the numbers of days and/or conditions for return will be determined on a case-by-case basis which can include that the parent(s) meets with the S&F Director to discuss an agreed upon intervention plan. 
c. The decision to permanently remove a youth from the any Youth Sports program will only take place after all alternatives have been explored and tested.
d. Permanent removal will be determined by the CYS Services Coordinator and the Youth Sports and Fitness Director.

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